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Packages from £79 for a basic website, 2 years hosting, email re-direct



 An SEO friendly website for less than £80, with 2 years hosting



We can offer create for you a professional looking website for under £100, and we will provide the onscreen SEO for free, we will even give it a little search engine boost. And if you don't even want to spend £100 you can rent a website for as little as £25 a month - all traffic from that site would go to your main site if you had an existing website.

Website SEO

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Banner advertising

Website/online advertising banners will promote your website in a cost effective manner, but they can also boost your websites local traffic significantly and therefore its PageRank - and therefore its overall Google ranking, which leads to more traffic ... and hopefully more business. One way to get the right local web traffic, is with a banner on a similar local site.

We produce many new websites each week, and most of the websites we launch end up No.1 on Google's pages in a few days. If they don't get to the top slot then we boost them till they do. 

We are often contacted by potential clients that operate large and expensive websites that are not sat high enough in the Google ranks to get the kind of online traffic and business that the company wants. We advise on how to configure a website so that it will rank higher, and such a consultancy costs less than you think. But in addition to the advice, we can also take practical steps to boost a given website by targeted UK backlinks, banner placements to drive traffic across to another website, and through the use of micro-websites (which are just big banner adverts).


Unlike most SEO companies we produce our own websites, and on those websites we can place banners and backlinks that will boost your website, and increase traffic. Backlinks can be bought for as little as £1 each, banners placed for as little as £10 a month.